Bonita Ranch
Christmas 2006
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Studio Prints
Christmas Sunset
Deer John...
Da Man...
Pow... Right in the kisser..
I told you so!
Da Kids???
Seen this shot before!
New Daughter!
The Happy Couple
And now... Introducing my latest new runway model./actress... Acacia!
Flirty! The Breck Girl Look!
A New Ride... Please....... Please... Oh Lord won't ya buy me a Mer-ces-des Benz...
Help I'm caught in a Time Tunnel! Wait... It's not nice to fool mother nature!
Abra - Cadabra
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Grandmother and Grandson..
A tender moment!

The Picture! This Baby is going to Digital Photographer Magazine!
The Smile! Had I done a better job at artistic format this one might've gone!