Your destination for non-stop fun!  Go wild in the Jump Jungle or get your "groove" on in Dance City.  Be sure and look out for our special events too like a Halloween visit to Spooky Town or our IDOL Search.  Oh, and don't worry kids... we're "Mom" friendly too!   Just click on the 3D Destination to see the fun!
Come visit the Jump Jungle for all the latest in slides, bouncers, and general "go-wild" gear!  For the inner "Tarzan" or "Jane" in you try out our Jungle Tree House!  At it's highest point it soars up to 30 feet above the arena floor.  




Special events abound at Jumptown USA. Check out "Spooky Town's" "Fright Fest" in October, "Jumptown USA IDOL Search" in July, "Spring Fling" in April, and "Spirit of Christmas" in December.   
Get your "groove thang" going at JumpTown USA's Dance City!  Dance with all your friends in the lights and excitement of a Disco that's just your size.   
Here is all that boring stuff like how much it costs, how to book an event and how to get here...  As I said "BOORRRING..."  
Facilities concept map of Jumptown USA. Note placement and type of attraction will vary depending on event and season.    
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