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Kelly Clarkson Earth Day 2003   (All pictures except those marked KRBE are by DC Productions)  Please note you should have a resolution of 1024 X 768 or higher to view these properly)  The pictures from 104 FM's web site remain the sole property of KRBE and will be removed from here upon request.  The pictures taken by DC Productions are all taken with Fujicrome Provia F using a Nikon 300 MM Lens and Nikon Body. Effects processing shots of "Manager Ann" via Adobe photoshop.

Well It was earth day 2003 and I had a date. A date with Kelly Clarkson and about 20,000 - 25,000 of her closest friends.

See me down there in the KRBE picture on your left?  I am number 3,853 from the stage standing by my daughter, watching Jewel and waiting for my date to begin.

Meanwhile Kelly was backstage talking to "Manager Ann" and no doubt preparing for our date..

Finally it's time..  so Kelly leaves "Manager Ann" wondering what kind of idiots this Houston crowd is no doubt gonna have lurking near the stage!

Right Off the Bat I knew I was in trouble. The DJ's were chatting up Kelly when all of a sudden a twenty something 6 foot 3 inch excuse for Adonis was shouting out.  Kelly... Kelly...  You are so hot! Go Out with me... 

Then She is like OMG...  Now they are hitting on me from the audience!

Well It will have to be a long distance relationship!!! She yells... I am never in one town long enough to plan ANYTHING!

That's alright he yells! I'll take it!  And the crowd roars!!

Drat.. If Only I was young again Mr Adonis..  (Note: Blurry picture due to old Photographer Laughing his head off while trying to keep a 300MM Lens steady!)

Oh Well... SING for me Kelly!

Caught Kelly starting with a "Miss" Independent on MI.. 

And followed up with a "Keep your distance" and a wave.  (Degree of difficulty is a 6.7 but our girl pulls it off like a champ!)

The one handed "Miss almost grown" shoulder shrug frozen in time!

And the "Some kind of Miracle" similar pose with feeling!

Oh baby YOU you You ooooh  oooh... Your some kind of Miracle..

And the wind up OH that makes you shiver..

After that I reached in my pocket for my BIC lighter (which I haven't had for twenty years) to wave it and forgot all about taking pictures...

All I could think was WOW!  Girl YOU are "some Kind of Miracle". Thanks for coming to Houston for our "date".  This was a great day for this old "idiot" ..  I had fun! ME..   Don C



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